First RYA Personal Watercraft Course of 2012

The slightly warmer temperatures proved enough to bring four seasoned boaters out of hibernation and try their hand at the exhilarating sport of Jet Skiing with Solent Boat Training at Ocean Village.

After an introduction to the layout of the Jetskis, it was time to climb into their much needed drysuits and get onto the water.  Once the basics had been mastered within the confines of the marina, they all ventured out into Southampton Water to give everyone a taste of the open water before completing some higher speed turns and slalom exercises.

After lunch everyone had the opportunity to lead the course along a pre-planned route towards Hamble, before returning at speed to Ocean Village and to put into practice all the skills they had learnt that morning.

Once in the marina, the smiles & wide grins on the faces of all, proved that even those who thought it might not be for them at the beginning of the day, had definitely been converted to Jet Skiing.