RYA Powerboat Training Courses - Solent Boat Training

RYA Powerboat Level 1 Course RYA Powerboat Level 1
RYA Powerboat Level 2 Course RYA Powerboat Level 2
RYA Powerboat Intermediate Level Course RYA Powerboat Intermediate
RYA Powerboat Advanced Level Course RYA Powerboat Advanced
RYA Commercial Boat Training RYA Powerboat Commercial
ICC Powerboat License ICC Powerboat License

Solent Boat Training ( SBT ) is an RYA powerboat training centre in Southampton with one the larger powerboat training fleet in the UK. With 2 motor boats, 10 rib boats and 4 jet skis used by the training centre. So Solent Boat Training have the boats, instructors and experience to deliver whatever level of boat training you require.

Let Our Instructors Advise You

With RYA 7 powerboat instructors on our permanent staff we also have the ability to run courses at any time and with very little notice. So if you need that ICC certificate quickly then give us a call. If you're not sure which course is for you then give us a call.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 - A Perfect Place To Start

The RYA Powerboat level 2 is the most popular course SBT run. SBT have 3 dedicated rib boats for the level 2 course that allow us to match your experience if any to the right size boat. This course is perfect for absolute beginners or those after some formal training to iron out those little issues. Also the RYA powerboat level 2 entitles you to the ICC international powerboat certificate for power boats up to 10 metres in length often needed when boating abroad.

RYA Powerboat Intermediate, Advanced & Beyond

We strongly believe that training gives you the confidence to enjoy your precious time spent boating. Just a couple of extra days is the difference for most people to expand their horizons and really enjoy this fantastic hobby.

Going on from just a hobby we can offer you a full range of commercial training courses known as commercial endorsements from day skipper, advanced powerboat to full yachtmaster exams.