Mediterranean & Gibraltar RYA Day Skipper May Not Be Accepted In UK

Solent Boat Charters has been working with the Solent yacht charter industry for nearly 15 years. We work with many other UK yacht charter companies and the removal of the "tidal/non-tidal" distinction on RYA Day Skipper certificates has caused great concern in the UK yacht charter industry. Many charter companies in the UK therefore will now only charter to skippers who completed their RYA practical courses in UK tidal waters.

Mediterranean, Gibraltar & Other Non-Tidal Areas

The UK generally has large tidal ranges that in turn produce strong tidal currents which creates both navigational and handling issues for yacht skippers. Because of the additional experience needed for these conditions many UK yacht charter companies require that RYA qualifications held by the skipper to have been conducted in similar tidal water. Courses conducted in areas such as Mediterranean & Gibraltar may not be accepted in the UK by some yacht charter companies.

UK Tidal RYA Day Skipper Courses Accepted Widely

If you ever intend to charter a yacht in the UK from us then our advice is to take the RYA Day Skipper Practical course at a UK coastal training centre. 
Solent Boat Charters do not accept RYA Day Skipper Practical course certificates conducted outside of UK tidal waters. Our insurers also specify that skippers must have practical tidal experience. Also we no longer accept online theory course certificates issued by online course providers.

Solent Boat Charter do not accept RYA Day Skipper Practical certificates conducted outside of UK tidal waters.