Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2024

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Dartmouth Royal Regatta 2024
The first Dartmouth Regatta took place in 1824 but only became a regular occurrence from 1834 onwards. When the Regatta first started, it was a one-day event, where the main event was rowing. Unlike other regattas in the area, sailing was not a feature of the Dartmouth Regatta at the time, and would only join the line-up of events in the next 20 years. When races started to include sailing yachts, these were mainly between larger boats. Sailing events took place in the morning, with the afternoon dedicated to the traditional rowing races. The first two-day event took place in 1861. 
The Regatta became known as the Dartmouth Royal Regatta in 1856, when Queen Victoria visited the town and donated to the event. This visit was not planned, only happening after the Queen had to stay in Dartmouth the night before the Regatta, due to bad weather. To thank the town’s people for their kindness, Victoria donated £25, which sailors would compete for as prize money the next day. 
Nowadays, the Regatta takes place every August. The event of 2023 was the 178th Regatta ever recorded and the first since the coronation of King Charles III. The 2023 week saw a record number of entries. As well as the boating events, the festivities included a Family Fun Weekend, which kicked off at the bandstand at the Royal Avenue Gardens. Celebrations also included the Waterbourne Tug of War event, as well as a Firewalk demonstration by world record holder Scott Bell, which was held in aid of local community groups. 
Attendance every year is free of charge, and the event relies on the work of a volunteer committee, and is funded only by donations and sponsors, receiving no public money. The entire programme in which the Regatta is a part takes place over the course of a week, and includes both water and non-water events. These range from yachting and rowing to tennis and athletics. The event is the second largest Regatta in the country, after only Cowes Week
This year’s 2024 Royal Dartmouth Regatta will take place between 24th August and 1st September. The dinghy event will start off the proceedings, going from 24th to 27th. This will then be followed by the junior dinghy events, with the Passage race on 27th. The 4-day Yacht and Dayboat series will take place between the 28th and 31st. The White Sail and Gaffer will then return on 30th and 31st. The week will be capped off with a charity event on 1st September.